Kiah Treece


Freelance Contributor, Personal Finance


Undergraduate Degree: Geological Sciences & Ecosystem Science and Policy, Bachelor of Arts, University of Miami,
Secondary Degree: Interdisciplinary Ecology, Master of Science, University of Florida,
Tertiary Degree: Juris Doctor, University of Toledo College of Law


Personal Finance, Personal Loans, Mortgages, Property and Casualty Insurance


  • 5+ years of writing experience 
  • Has been featured in Rolling Stone, Forbes Advisor, Fit Small Business, and Think Save Retire
  • Currently writes about personal loans, auto loans, mortgages, real estate, property and casualty insurance, and more


Kiah Treece is a licensed attorney and small business owner with extensive experience in real estate investment and financing. She has a passion for personal finance and specializes in breaking down complex financial topics so individuals can make informed decisions about their business and personal finances. Kiah has written for Forbes Advisor, Rolling Stone, Fit Small Business, and Think Save Retire. She currently writes about personal loans, auto loans, mortgages, real estate, and property and casualty insurance.

Other Work:

  • Home Improvement Loans: What You Need to Know, Rolling Stone
  • Your One-Stop Shop For How Credit Scores Work, Forbes Advisor
  • Different Types of Debt & Which to Pay Off First, Think Save Retire

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